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You’ve been through a lot.  Dedicate some time to talk to a fertility doula - so you can let down some of the load you’ve been carrying.


Starting a family isn't always easy

It’s been building up for a while now, it’s so much harder than you thought it would be.

Feelings of confusion, stress, and overwhelm of not knowing why it’s not working, the ongoing disappointment of not being pregnant, seeing friends, family and colleagues get pregnant and have their babies while you are waiting for your turn.

Or perhaps you’ve experienced the heartbreak of pregnancy loss and would like to talk to someone about what you’re going through.


You might feel that it’s time for some support.  Time to settle your mind from the rollercoaster of emotions and heartache of your journey and let down some of the load you’ve been carrying.

It can be hard to know who you can turn to when the going gets rough.   The right support can make all the difference.


The truth is you are not alone.  I have been in your shoes, and I am here to help.


“Her compassion, experience, and support as a doula were integral to supporting me.”

Early in our time together I had a miscarriage.  I’d not been aware Ileana was a doula before my loss.  Her compassion, experience, and fertility doula support were integral to helping me and gently transitioning back to preparing me for pregnancy.  Ileana was able to gauge my needs and readiness perfectly.  Her presence and ability to listen meant a lot, I found Ileana was able to relate to my concerns.  I felt heard and validated in every session.

Melbourne, Australia

"Ileana’s gentle approach made me feel at ease, she normalised many of my emotions." 

After trying to have a baby for 10 years, the last few using IVF, I gave up for a while.  I simply didn't have the strength to keep trying. Ileana’s gentle approach and fertility doula support made me feel at ease, she normalised many of my emotions. Working with Ileana has made a great difference to my happiness and confidence, in many areas of my life.

Happy to be trying again
Canberra, Australia

"Her personal life experiences have provided a unique base of understanding..."

...In which to empathise, inspire and treat those seeking her expertise. I believe that couples trying to start a family will genuinely benefit from Ileana's expertise and support services and highly recommend her to you.

Nicoloas Maurice

Principal Chiropractor, Lisburn Chiropractic Clinic

Ileana listens and holds space in a way that powerfully allows me to process the physical and emotional challenges that I face.


Melbourne, Australia

I couldn’t recommend a more empathetic and compassionate person who approaches families undergoing such personal difficulties with professionalism, good nature and humour, than Ileana.

Mark McCabe PhD

Senior Research Fellow, Garvan Institute of Medical Research.

Senior Lecturer, School of Medicine UNSW

preconception care program empowered conception with ileana kapic reproductive biologist, fertility coach and fertility doula for infertility, pregnancy loss, trying to conceive,

The fertility doula support program includes:

3 x Private Sessions (60 mins.) in month

Activities just right for you now

Option for Continued Support

I'm Ileana, a Mentor, Doula and Educator, in Fertility Wellbeing, and a Mother of Two. 

My wish is for you to arrive at parenthood feeling as healthy, confident, and whole as possible because that’s not always the way you might feel when you have been trying for a year or more.

Specialists, doctors, practitioners, and partners don't always have the time or aren’t always able to adequately tend to your emotional needs.  Fertility doula support sessions provide the time for dedicated support.

I will hold space for you, be there to listen to you so that you feel more supported during the rest of your journey.  


Fertility doula support helps couples who are struggling to conceive to:

  • Consider options available and determine a path best suited to your needs and wants. 
  • Process grief of trying to conceive and pregnancy loss.
  • Have the emotional support, strategies, and information you need. 


Use gentle tools such as mindfulness and other techniques to soothe your emotions, fears, and anxieties.

  • Have the support, not just information while you navigate the rest of your fertility journey.
  • Reduce risks of ante- and postnatal mood disorders caused by lingering feelings of anxiety, depression, and grief.


Sometimes it can be beneficial to process what you have been through so that you aren’t trying to run the next marathon carrying the weight of your enitre journey.

I remember when I lost a pregnancy,

My head understood but my heart struggled and the advice from the Obstetrician to take paracetamol wouldn’t have helped by breaking heart.  I couldn’t find the support I needed.

When I was training as a pregnancy doula, a childbirth attendant, there was a phrase that beautifully described the support offered by a doula.

"Being with woman"

My wish is to help you arrive at parenthood feeling as healthy, happy, and confident as possible because that’s not always the way you feel when you might have been trying for a year or more.

If you could use an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, or a doula to talk to, I will sit by you.  Woman to woman.

The birth of empowered conception...

In 2014 I became a doula, quite by accident.  I saw the sweetest little caravan, Ruby, when walking on the esplanade on market day one Sunday in Torquay, on the Victorian surf coast.  I poked my head inside to find Ruby had been loved up in shabby chic by her owner Kellie Whiskin.  Kellie welcomed me warmly, and we spoke about my passion for women's reproductive wellbeing and her work as a doula. 

She was about to run a doula course, training women who support you through pregnancy, labour, and the postnatal period.  Guess where I ended up?  For the first time, I experienced a circle of women and learned about pregnancy and birth in a completely different way than I had before. 

The work was woman-centered, the mother being at the heart of her pregnancy and birthing experience.  A doula will listen to her, support her, and have trust in her own body.  This empowers her as a woman and mother, as well as, significantly improves birth outcomes. 

It is also here where I had the opportunity to heal.  Heal from; how long it had taken to get pregnant, the shock I felt after the birth of my first child, my miscarriage.  Here I celebrated becoming pregnant again and learned about empowered birth, providing women with broader, more complete information than they would otherwise have.  I met courageous women, who believed in 'radical' ideas like home birth.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d become one of them, until I birthed my daughter at home in March 2015.   

I knew then that empowering the woman was the missing ingredient in fertility.  Giving you the sense of validation that comes from being heard and reassured.  

Empowered Conception is much more than trying to get you pregnant.  It’s about enabling you with ways you can take your fertility and wellbeing into your own hands in a way that will enhance your fertility, reduce both health and mental health risks and improve your child’s health for life.  Regardless of whether you go on to use further treatments. 

It’s not only giving you the information you need, but providing you with a space where you can access the guidance, tools, and encouraging support to achieve it.  It’s about how you feel when you arrive at parenthood, being the confident and capable mother you long to be, and your family's life-long health and wellbeing. 

“Some of the most comforting words in the universe are “me too”.  That moment when you find out that your struggle is also someone else’s struggle that you are not alone, and that others have been down the same road”.

– Author Unknown

Like a rainbow comes after the rain....

A rainbow baby comes after we have rained tears of pregnancy loss.


This is my rainbow baby, born in 2015.

She shines with all the colours of the rainbow.

Gaby cocoon gaby copy
Embracing support when you need it most...


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