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A Complete, Tailored Wellness Plan
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This inspiring 12 week Program has everything you need to put your Preconception Wellbeing care into action - and help you hold the healthy baby you dream of.


Preconception care is a necessary part of preparing your body for conception and healthy pregnancy.  This twelve-week program is for those wanting an integrative mind-body-heart approach to transform your nutrition and lifestyle habits to support your fertility.  

I have designed the Empowered Conception pathway to provide a range of resources to inform you on key factors important for fertility for both partners. 

This program can be stand-alone, or complementary to both natural or assisted reproductive technologies.  

Together we will assess your current level of wellbeing and create a fertility plan.  I will provide you with tools and strategies to cleanse, nourish and balance your body and mind to enhance your fertility and manage your stress and anxieties.  We will create a space for you to replenish to nurture you and your fertility for your journey ahead.

I will hold space for you, so you feel heard and validated. For you to unload some of the weight you've been carrying on your journey so far.  I will ask you to extend yourself where possible in order to invite transformation.  I will encourage and motivate you when you need it.

Emotional support and mentoring. The support you need when you need it.

This is not another one size fits all approach.
This is about you.  Your challenges.  Your dreams.


"I felt incredibly supported and became pregnant with my healthy baby girl." 

was 37 years old when I decided to try for another baby.  I wanted to prepare my body for a second pregnancy and feel as strong as I could in body and mind to prepare for a positive experience.  Her insight and support were invaluable.

Early in our time together I had a miscarriage.  I’d not been aware Ileana was a doula before my loss.  Her compassion, experience, and support as a doula were integral to supporting me and gently transitioning back to preparing me for pregnancy.  Ileana was able to gauge my needs and readiness perfectly.  Her presence and ability to listen meant a lot, I found Ileana was able to relate to my concerns.  I felt heard and validated in every session.

The support Ileana provided helped change my diet, exercise, and most importantly mindset work and tool-bag strategies that I continue to provide me with resilience after we worked together.  It's and had a flow-on effect on other areas of my life.  I feel calm, strong, and supported. 

Ileana was a joy to work with over our nine months together.  I felt incredibly supported and became pregnant with my healthy baby girl. 

Melbourne, Australia

"We had the best sperm numbers and quality, good quality eggs retrieved, and the greatest number of healthy embryos we've had in our five years of trying IVF."

After trying to have a baby for 10 years, the last few using IVF, I gave up for a while.  I simply didn't have the strength to keep trying. 

We chose to do her 12-week Empowered Conception Program, which was tailored exactly to my needs.  Ileana’s gentle approach made me feel at ease, she normalised many of my emotions.  It was clear her pathway had a lot of thought behind it.  She made many of the activities just for me to meet my needs at that moment. 

Ileana was able to explain intricate concepts in an accessible way and went into far greater detail, once she discovered I have a science degree.  The pathway has been carefully designed to balance reproductive hormones. 

My work with Ileana helped improve my level of confidence, enough to implement various changes to elevate my level of wellbeing.   The program is certainly comprehensive, but her level of enthusiasm and unwavering support assisted me throughout.

Working with Ileana has made a great difference to my happiness and confidence, in many areas of my life.

I felt so positive and supported that soon enough we started IVF again.  We had the best sperm numbers and quality, good quality eggs retrieved, and the greatest number of healthy embryos we've had in our five years of trying IVF. 

Happy to be trying again
Canberra, Australia

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9 x 60-minute 1-to-1 Sessions (3/ month)

Video calls

Wellness Assessment to identify current challenges

A tailored fertility plan

Resources to support your plan

Weekly accountability check-ins

12 weeks of email or message support between calls

BONUS:  Additional 60-minute Call to be claimed within the 12 weeks.


Payment plans are available.

I’m a Reproductive Biologist, Fertility Mentor, and Mother.

I've designed inspiring preconception care programs with all of the information, guidance, and support that I would love to have had on my path to motherhood.  When I was struggling with the emotional aspect of trying to conceive, searched for ways to improve my fertility naturally, and when I needed a shoulder to cry on and support.

Yes, I am a reproductive biologist with over 15 years of experience in reproductive research and 10 years in fertility wellbeing. 

I went through my own fertility challenges and lifestyle change to have my two children and felt I’d have something worthwhile to share. 

I’ll be your guide, I can’t wait to meet you!

Ileana xx

Ileana Empowered Conception Fertility Programs CC 500 SQUARES


Be guided through a range of healthy lifestyle changes using the Empowered Conception Pathway, to improve your fertility and chance of having a successful pregnancy and healthy baby.

In a program that offers you one-to-one consultations over 12 weeks to better your fertility and balance the highs and lows of trying to conceive. 

  • Have your fertility wellbeing assessed 
  • Receive step-by-step guidance to simplify the process of preparing for pregnancy
  • Balancing your stress, hormones, and emotions
  • Improve egg and sperm, and improve uterine quality for better implantation.


Receive the support you need to implement changes and have a more positive fertility journey to:

  • Nourish your body for a healthy pregnancy and baby
  • Feel calmer, more confident, and have a more positive journey
  • Save time making changes to improve your fertility


 Over the 12 weeks, you will be guided with a complementary approach to optimise conditions to support a successful conception and pregnancy.

You will increase fertility by reducing toxins and improving the health of the DNA carried by the sperm. To make better, healthier sperm.

Sperm that are "fit", look good, know how to move, and "ready for ACTION"!

(Yes, I am trying to sexy-up sperm numbers, morphology, and mobility here.)

I'll help you focus your efforts on creating a welcoming womb environment for fit sperm to show their prowess, and for your conceptus, your fertilised egg, to make it home for the next nine months.

A healthy start to pregnancy and parenthood starts here, now.  It starts with nurturing and nourishing you, the parents.  I can help you with that.


Send me a message with your questions and I'll get back to your soon.

"Life is a dance between making it happen and letting it happen."

- Ariana Huffington