It’s not easy to balance your wellbeing when you’re completely overwhelmed
When you’re busy trying to keep your head above water.

You don’t always have the capacity to give your wellbeing the overhaul it deserves.


Sometimes baby steps are all you can manage.

A couple of years ago a mother of three asked if I would work with her. Her family had been through an intense set of circumstances that affected every aspect of their lives.
She felt drained, emotionally and physically, and felt this way for the last couple of years.
We worked together for about a couple of months. In our sessions together I listened to what they had been through and how much it had affected them.

We needed to fill this mama’s cup!

There wasn’t a thing we could remove from her day to lighten the load. Nor could we add more to her day. Not even a single class per week.
We needed to fill her cup in a way that would fit into her current life.
We got to the heart of what she needed most and find the right solutions that would fit into her life at that moment. It had to be simple.
As much as this burnt-out mama needed to improve her wellbeing, a complete overhaul would have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Instead, we tweaked a couple of things, to add more ease where she needed it most.
Some ways to redirect the morning’s battles and bring a sense of ease.

And found an appropriate mindfulness tool that was simple enough to do while she prepared their therapeutic drinks. I also suggested adding an inspiring image on the wall by the juicer to remind her.


The changes were very effective and didn’t take extra time or energy. The calm they added to their morning changed how the day unfolded.
The greater sense of ease created more space.

Seeing the benefits of such small tweaks changed her perspective.


It gave her confidence, and the willingness to make more incremental changes.
She felt the situation was more manageable and she felt happier.



I caught up with her a year or so later. The change was incredible.

She was filling her cup consistently and dedicating time to things she’d always wanted to do.



Listening to her inspired me!


There are various ways to move toward better wellbeing.

It’s important to consider your capacity and an incremental change based on how much energy is available to you at that moment.

Perhaps all you can add at this moment is a single layer.
A little something you add on top of what you are already doing for extra benefit, or to add a little more light in.
It can be as simple as a cup of tea away from the computer. Intentionally selecting some music to calm or inspire you. Or, add a little salad to the side of your sandwich.
When you’re overwhelmed the trick is to start simple. Even a small shift can give you the confidence and the willingness to add more when you’re ready.


What area of your life needs some attention?
What is a layer you could add?

With love, Ileana xx


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