The fertility journey can be a challenging one.
Unlike other goals in life that you work toward and see progress. Walking the path of fertility challenges work can be quite different.
You encounter an array of tests and read 101 things you can do to prepare your body, all while you continue to try. Or, you keep going through treatments and are still waiting.
And while you are going through it all, it seems to come with ease those around you. Making it more difficult emotionally.
What were a few niggling thoughts at first have become feelings of confusion and frustration.
Even though you are doing everything you can, you don't feel any closer to achieving your dream. You are still waiting to get pregnant, waiting for a healthy pregnancy, and waiting to find the reason why it's not happening.
And although not all steps are difficult, they add to the load you are carrying. More appointments and further reading can often lead to more options to navigate and make decisions around.
They chip away at your time, your confidence, and your mojo.
As you move through your journey it can become all-consuming and overwhelming. You feel less and less resilient the deeper down the rabbit hole you go.
You might find your mood begins to change and you have more moments of feeling anxious, down, or depleted.
These alterations in your mood aren’t necessarily determined by time, but by what you have been through up to the present moment.
For example;
Other health concerns you have been dealing with before trying for a baby,
Have been receiving fertility treatments for years,
Or having suffered a miscarriage or pregnancy loss.
The journey looks different for everybody.
How you cope with your fertility challenges can be as unique.  Everything you've been through seems to build up, even if you have a good support network around you.
Perhaps you feel like you're in survival mode, keep on going and going without stopping to see how you are doing.
Checking in with yourself is important.
To acknowledge where you are at. Taking a moment to see if there is something that you can do to alleviate it.
How often do you check in to see how you are coping?
If you feel you could use some more support at the moment, send me a message.
With love, Ileana xx