Your fertility journey is unique to you.

What you’ve been through before fertility challenges, and the fertility challenges you have been through since are all unique.

In a discussion with a fellow Fertility Coach last week, we spoke about how difficult trying to conceive can be and that you might share many emotions with others on an infertility journey.  However, what you’ve been through, what challenges you’ve had and the part you hold on to can be very different.

What you need to release, heal, work on, and what areas of your lifestyle are best to prioritise that might be getting in the way of your fertility might be different from what seems manageable right now and will also differ from how you felt a year or two ago.  It’s constantly changing.
The tools and strategies we use to get you there will also be unique. Due to this, the guidance of what to work on and the way I would motivate you and help you through the hurdles you face will also be different from the next person.
Most of the time I’m not sure what to call myself, none of the titles seem a good fit, am I a reproductive biologist, fertility doula, or wellness coach?  I’m all of them and I wear different hats at different times, to find the tools, and strategies that will work best to fit your needs at this moment.
The most important part of the Preconception Fertility Program experience is that it’s all about you. Where you are. The science, strategies, and support are all there, but you and your needs remain at the heart of the program.

I’m more of a catalyst than anything else, helping you to make lifestyle modifications based on your life, and your daily habits. I believe my role is to help them happen more efficiently and with greater ease. And based on what science says works.

When determining the best path forward, I always start at the same place. Assessing where you are at and your biggest needs right now. It’s from here that I find the tools and techniques we think will suit you best to get your body ready to have a healthy pregnancy.
With love, Ileana xx